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DISINFECTANT FOGGING   What is it and why is it such a big deal?

Unfortunately in all childcare centres and kindergartens there is an increased chance of the spread of illnesses between our beloved children. To minimise the risk of this occurring Josie's Bright Beginnings (as with most other centres!) create and follow very thorough cleaning procedures.

These procedures rely on the manual cleaning of ALL surfaces in the centre including ALL activities!! As you can imagine this approach leaves the possibility of a surface area getting missed and defeating the whole cleaning purpose. Any bacteria or virus which isn’t killed will continue to spread and could cause illness.

We cannot stand seeing any of our children suffering from illness so we thought there has to be a better way to protect them in Josie’s Bright Beginnings. That process is disinfectant fogging. It uses a technology to break down the disinfectant into a tiny mist which enables it to contact every nook and cranny in each room as well as any airborne bacteria or viruses!!! Once it contacts bacteria, virus or fungus it kills it within 60 seconds!!!This, combined with our current cleaning procedures will ensure a safer and cleaner area for all our children, staff and families.


The process is:

Very Effective-Used in hospitals and pharmaceutical companies to ensure areas are completely sterile. TGA approved.

Very Safe- The main ingredient is used as a preservative in eye drops!

Very Environmentally Friendly- Completely biodegradable, with an EU ecological rating of “Zero Hazard”

Very Good for our Children and Families- To mention a few, it kills the Influenza Virus, Rotavirus (Causes Gastro), Hand foot and Mouth Virus and Salmonella all in less than 60 seconds!

Very New for Childcare- We are the only childcare centre to use this process and technology, which we know of!

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